The secular baptisms or welcoming ceremony

For many years, by conviction or tradition, when a child comes into the world, parents have organized a religious baptism ceremony.
This sacred event allows them to welcome their newborn and place it under the protection of a superior force.

However, just like the secular wedding, the secular baptism ceremony, or welcoming ceremony is becoming more and more popular.

If we think about the very meaning of birth: bringing into the world the fruit of love, the entry of an innocent soul into our lives,

the themes to celebrate are therefore: life, family and love.

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Why a secular ceremony

This little being you are holding in your arms has just taken his or her place in this world by your side, your heart is overflowing with love and you are looking for a way to celebrate this in a benevolent and warm atmosphere?

Baptism is therefore the ideal time to bring together the people who are close to you and who will have a special place in the life of your child.
If you are looking for emotion, warmth, authenticity for this great event, choose the secular baptism ceremony.

The secular celebration does not replace a religious baptism; it can even be a more intimate and personalized complement.

What do we talk about in a secular ceremony?

As for a wedding ceremony, our different meetings and discussions will allow me to understand who you are and what you expect from this event.

This will allow me to write a tailor-made ceremony in the image of your family.

More generally, here is an idea of what a ceremonial speech is about.

  • You are in love, so it will be about your feelings and expectations for the future
  • You have given birth to the fruit of your love, so we will talk about your expectations and your wishes for this child. 
  • You have brought together the people you love and especially your family:

 This is the family who has passed on their values ​​to you, and who has made you the person you are today.

This is why the child’s grandparents can play a role in the course of the ceremony so you can thank them for what they have brought you and what they will bring to your children.

  • You may wish to designate godfathers and godmothers:

Whether it's a surprise or not, the godparents will be the “guardians” of your child.

You have chosen them for their values, what they represent, and the trust you place in them. They will be the ones who will take your baby to the cinema for the first time, who will become their confidant...

We will therefore talk about these exceptional people who you have chosen to link to your family forever.

The secular ceremony is very personal, and I am here to help you create the best one for you but also (and above all) for your little loved one.
This is the reason why the ceremony should not last more than 20 minutes to prevent your bundle of joy from getting too impatient.

You can include a ritual to involve your baby and make the ceremony more playful or more symbolic.

You can also incorporate nursery rhymes, poems, songs and speeches for children to fill the ceremony with the magic and lightness of childhood.

Of course, it is difficult to speak generally of such a personal event.

The secular baptism ceremony is a unique event created for the happiness of young and old.

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