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Your wedding

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and will remain etched in your hearts and minds forever.

We attach great importance to the significance of this day for our future newly weds.

We believe it is an honour for us to be able to help you create this moment and to share it with you.

Our goal is to allow you to feel relaxed, like guests at your own wedding, and to make this moment unforgettable.

Wedding Key offers you different services

Advisory consultations for future newlyweds from the local area, or for "out of town brides" Town key

D-day coordination D-Day Key

Complete organization of your wedding Full pass Key

A wedding officiant to join your hearts during your ceremony Key of Love

The first consultation

During our first meeting we will review your project together and you can share with us all the important details so that we can determine the best approach to take.

As people are at the centre of our business, we seek to build up a trusting and attentive relationship. This is why the first consultation is free in order to establish a first contact.

We will discuss your vision, your needs and how best to help you achieve this wonderful project.

Once you have decided that our services meet your needs, we can begin to walk together along the path towards your union.

Our different keys

Town Key

Whether you are local or not, you need a recommendation to simply find a place, or a provider?

We will be happy to share our contacts with you.

This service includes: Recommendations, contact and support at the first meeting with each service provider.

D-Day Key : Coordination

You are creating your own wedding and you have done all the hard work.

But one month before the ceremony it is time for you to relax and enjoy all the precious moments before and during the wedding.

We will take care of the logistics as well as the organization.

We will contact your witnesses and your service providers.

We will set up the schedule for the big day and we will work hand in hand with you right up to the moment you take to the floor for your first dance.

Full pass Key : Organization

You leave the complete organization of your wedding to us.

We will create a personalized wedding in your image.

We will recommend locations and we will visit them together.

We will study and follow the evolution of your budget.

We will then find all the different service providers and we will make the various appointments together.

We will set up a dynamic schedule that will evolve over time.

We will stay in contact with you to handle all your questions and to allay any doubts.

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